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We are small but can reach out to numerous colleagues as needed.

We are nimble so that we can modify our work plan as your needs change.

We are experienced in all aspects of algal technology (since 1985).

Yes, algae can

We have experienced success.

We have also experienced disappointment.

Do not blame the algae!

We can help you

We can help you succeed.

We can help you avoid costly mistakes.

We can help you make efficient use of your resources.

About You

Issues with siting, plant design, equipment, due diligence?

Temperature or light. Which is your strongest driver?

How many hectares do you really need? Are your productivity estimates real?

Open raceways or enclosed PBRs?

Is it really worth the investment? Is it going to work?

Issues with production?

We have produced algal biomass (Chlorella, Haematococcus, Spirulina, Nannochloropsis, Porphyridium, Scenedesmus, Tetraselmis and others) in the US and abroad.

We have optimized upstream and downstream processes.

Issues with staff training and development?

We have performed many functions at algae companies from scrubbing ponds and cleaning glassware to launching new commercial products.

We have developed R&D programs, managed QC laboratories, established algal culture collections, managed commercial plants and trained the personnel to run them.

You and us

Let's have a conversation to determine how we can accelerate your progress working together.


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We are located 40 minutes east of the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport.

OLAS - All Things Algae, LLC

Gilbert, Arizona, United States

(808) 333-4557


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